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Наименование: OGRE fem 10 (JD)
Категория: Doctors Choice :: feminized 10

OGRE is an autoflowering sativa-dominant cross of Secret Citrus (AUTO) x Durban Skunk, created by breeder SGS. OGRE shows a unique accelerated growth pattern that allows it to get very large, averaging 1m+ tall and wide. With a prolific branching system OGRE produces large yields with oversized, resinous, aromatic buds. The amount of growth and yields produced in so little time makes OGRE one of the fastest high yielding plants in the world. This is due to the fact that OGRE has an extended built-in veg period. After showing sex, plants will explode in growth for 2-3 weeks before flowering sets in, growing 3-5x their original size!

Feminized. 10 weeks from seed. Height: 75 cm. Yield: 60-80 g. Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse.

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